Traveling between Nigeria and South Africa is a popular route for both business and leisure travelers. Nigeria, located in West Africa, and South Africa, situated in the southernmost part of the African continent, are two of the most populous countries in Africa and boast vibrant cultures, rich history, and breathtaking natural beauty. If you are planning a trip from Nigeria to South Africa, one of the key factors to consider is the flight price in Naira, the currency of Nigeria. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various aspects related to the Nigeria to South Africa flight price in Naira, including average prices, factors affecting prices, tips for finding affordable flights, and other relevant information for travelers.

Average Flight Price from Nigeria to South Africa in Naira

 Nigeria to South Africa Flight Price in Naira: A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

The flight price from Nigeria to South Africa can vary greatly depending on various factors such as the airline, travel class, time of booking, time of travel, and availability of discounts or promotions. On average, the flight price from Nigeria to South Africa in Naira ranges from NGN 150,000 to NGN 500,000 for a one-way ticket, and NGN 300,000 to NGN 1,000,000 for a round-trip ticket. However, it’s important to note that these are approximate average prices and actual prices may vary.

Factors Affecting Flight Prices

Several factors can impact flight prices from Nigeria to South Africa. Understanding these factors can help travelers plan their trip better and find the best possible deals.

Airline: The choice of airline can significantly affect the flight price. Different airlines have different pricing strategies, and some may offer more competitive prices than others. Popular airlines that operate flights from Nigeria to South Africa include South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, Emirates, and Turkish Airlines, among others.

Travel Class: The class of travel chosen by the traveler can also have a significant impact on the flight price. Generally, there are three main travel classes: Economy, Business, and First Class. Economy class is the most affordable option, while Business and First Class are more expensive but offer additional amenities and services.

Time of Booking: The timing of booking the flight can also affect the price. Booking flights in advance, typically several months before the travel date, can often result in lower prices as airlines often offer discounted fares for early bookings. Prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches, and last-minute bookings can be significantly more expensive.

Time of Travel: The time of travel can also affect flight prices. Peak travel seasons, such as holidays, summer vacations, and weekends, tend to have higher prices due to increased demand. On the other hand, traveling during off-peak seasons, weekdays, or during low-demand periods can result in lower prices.

Promotions and Discounts: Airlines may offer promotions, discounts, or special deals from time to time, which can affect flight prices. These may include seasonal promotions, group discounts, loyalty program discounts, or other special offers. Keeping an eye on such promotions and discounts can help travelers save money on their flights.

Tips for Finding Affordable Flights

Finding affordable flights from Nigeria to South Africa requires some planning and research. Here are some tips that can help travelers find the best possible prices for their flights:

Compare Prices: It’s essential to compare prices across different airlines and travel agencies to find the most affordable options. Many online travel agencies and flight comparison websites allow travelers to compare prices from different airlines and choose the best option that suits their budget.

Be Flexible with Dates: Being flexible with travel dates can significantly impact flight prices. If possible, consider traveling during off-peak seasons, weekdays, or during low-demand periods to take

advantage of lower prices. Avoiding peak travel seasons and holidays can also result in more affordable flights.

Book in Advance: Booking flights well in advance can often result in lower prices. Keep an eye on flight prices and book as early as possible when you find a good deal. Prices tend to rise as the travel date approaches, so booking in advance can help save money.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts: Many airlines and travel agencies offer fare alerts through email or mobile notifications. Sign up for these alerts to receive notifications when prices drop or when there are special promotions or discounts available. This can help you stay updated with the latest deals and grab them before they expire.

Consider Layovers: Direct flights may be more convenient, but they can also be more expensive. Consider flights with layovers, as they tend to be cheaper than direct flights. However, be mindful of the layover duration and the airport location, as longer layovers or inconvenient airport locations can add to your travel time and expenses.

Use Incognito Mode or Clear Cookies: When searching for flights online, airlines and travel websites may use cookies to track your search history and show higher prices based on your previous searches. To avoid this, use private or incognito mode on your web browser or clear your cookies before searching for flights to ensure you see the most accurate and affordable prices.

Consider Alternative Airports: Instead of flying to the major airports in Nigeria and South Africa, consider alternative airports near your destination. Sometimes, smaller airports or airports in nearby cities may offer cheaper flights. Check the prices for different airports and compare them to find the most cost-effective option.

Utilize Reward Programs and Miles: If you frequently travel, consider joining airline reward programs or using your accumulated miles to book flights. These programs can offer discounts, free flights, or other perks that can help you save money on your flight expenses.

Be Flexible with Airlines: While you may have a preferred airline, it’s worth considering different airlines to find the best prices. Be open to flying with different airlines, especially if they offer lower prices or promotions. Comparing prices across multiple airlines can help you find the most affordable option for your trip.

Seek Help from Travel Agencies: Travel agencies can often offer discounted fares, special deals, and packages that can help you save money on your flights. Consider consulting a reputable travel agency or using their online platforms to find affordable flights from Nigeria to South Africa.


As a popular travel route, flights from Nigeria to South Africa can vary in price depending on various factors. Understanding these factors, being flexible with your travel dates, comparing prices, utilizing promotions, and following the tips mentioned above can help you find affordable flights from Nigeria to South Africa in Naira. Remember to plan ahead, do thorough research, and be vigilant for promotions and discounts to get the best possible deals on your flights. With careful planning and smart booking strategies, you can enjoy an affordable and memorable trip between Nigeria and South Africa. Happy travels!


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